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Guard-N-Grip® Connector
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Kink Free 5-Ply Construction
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Crush Proof Couplings
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Best Used For:

Flexon Heavy Duty hoses deliver lasting quality and proven performance. They feature knitted nylon reinforcement, a tough weather-resistant vinyl cover and solid crush-proof couplings. All these features add up to performance, including excellent handling and continuous water flow, year-round. Durability, reliability and lasting quality are the hallmarks of Flexon’s Heavy Duty water hose line.

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Guard-N-Grip® Connector
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4-Ply Construction
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Crush Resistant Couplings
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Best Used For:

These flexible hoses are designed for gardening, lawn care and more. They’re made for use throughout the year, with a tough, weather-resistant vinyl cover that provides flexibility, even in cold weather. Solid crush resistant couplings ensure reliability and longer life. Like other Flexon hoses, they come in a variety of lengths to cover all your lawn and garden needs.

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